Motivation Monday (a little late)

Feeling very positive today. In this party planning industry, I've found that some may not be as welcoming as others. I've also found that there are some greats folks who are very encouraging and will cheer you on. I've decided that I will be one of the positive people! My clients and their satisfaction has always been the most important thing to me. To see smiles is my number one goal! 

I really don't have the time or bother to be in the mean girl clique. I want to succeed and want those around me to succeed too! I've learned a lot since I've been in business for over 5 years now and put in my dues. I've had some help along the way too. I'm willing to be a help to others too!

Memphis :: Atlanta Baby Shower: "Little Young Prince"

So I will forewarn you, that this blog post is very picture heavy. I think I will even do a part two just for the dessert buffet. This was one of my favorite baby showers to do and there were so many details and pretty pictures, I do not want to leave anything out.

I hope you enjoy!

Atlanta :: Memphis Baby and Bridal Showers Lilly Pulitzer Inspiration

Today the internet and stylish Southern girls were a buzz about the Lilly Pulitzer for Target launch. Every so often target will collaborate with a high end designer to carry a limited edition collection for considerably cheaper than what you would pay for the designer merchandise. Pretty much every collaboration has been a success and sold out in minutes. The Lilly for Target collection was no different. It was HUGELY successful!

I really didn't make any attempts to try to score any of the wears because I really can not do crowds and I don't take disappointment very well! 

So in honor for all of us who didn't score any of the cute dresses, I say don't throw a pity party and throw a pretty party instead (see what I did there). Seriously, I really do LOVE Lilly Pulitzer and have been dreaming of all the pretty colors and florals that can be incorporated into a baby or bridal shower! I've gathered some of my favorite ideas into a Pinterest board just for the occasion. I hope you enjoy. Of course A Posh Party would totes love to make this type of party happen just for you and your guests. This would also make the perfect girls day out brunch or a bridesmaids luncheon.


Happy Easter

Atlanta :: Memphis Baby Showers: Jungle Safari

I was very fortunate to design and style my first baby shower in Atlanta, Georgia. I was even more honored that it was for my boss! I think that any time you celebrate you should do it big! The baby shower took place during our quarterly staff meeting. Since it was a meeting I can not do tall centerpieces and a whole lot of details which are signature for Posh. However, this was absolutely perfect for an office staff meeting. Creative but very mature and classy. Considering it was a meeting, we really did have a great time and I received so many compliments from my co-workers about how much fun they had!

Check out more pictures on our Pinterest and Facebook Pages. A Posh Party by Latasha would love to plan, style, or decorate your upcoming baby shower in Atlanta, GA, Memphis, TN or surrounding areas!

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