I have so much to be thankful for this year.  So many life changes that a couple of years ago I never thought were possible.  I moved from Memphis to Atlanta and married the man of my dreams!  I think it was a total universe alignment to be here in Atlanta.  Although, I do miss Memphis dearly and heart breaks every day that I get a call who wants A Posh Party to make their party fabulous, but they are in Memphis and I'm in Atlanta!  UGH!  However, I am totally committed to bringing all that fabulousness to Atlanta and make some new dreams come true.  

This Thanksgiving Day, A Posh Party, is grateful to continue to do what we love which is make people smile one event at a time.  We are always grateful for our wonderful clients past and future and family and friends who support us.  

Thank you!

Welcome to Atlanta!!!


Hi Atlanta! I'm very excited to be here and continue my passion, my love A Posh Party here in Atlanta. It was always known that the hubby and I would eventually move to Atlanta and now it's official. 

Don't worry Memphis friends! I will definitely be back from time to time to continue to throw some beautiful baby and bridal showers there too! So the good news is A Posh Party does travel!!!
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